Amanda Hislop

Workshop page


Due to the current situation I am reviewing workshops in line with the goverment recommendations re Covid19, re-arranging dates where possible and updating this page.

I run day and two day workshops and longer summer schools designed to stretch creative imagination with an emphasis on intuitive exploration and pushing beyond boundaries. I work with a combination of stitch, painting and mixed media processes to create pieces in response to land, sea, sky and trees.

I am happy to deliver workshops to Embroiderers Guilds, Textile and Art groups. The following examples give a flavour of the workshops I offer; use the contact page to discuss your requirements.

  • 'Print: compose: stitch' a 2 day workshop with print collage and hand stitch on a seascape theme...
  • 'Layers in land and seascapes’- a textile approach   explore methods of layering papers to form surfaces for stitch.
  • 'Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource'  a creative workshop working with a free approach to generating ideas through a working sketchbook.

 Workshops 2021- follow the link for details and to make a booking


5-12 June 'Landscape unfolds: exploring place through inspiration: observation: imagination' re scheduled to 2022 see website for details.

 8-9 July 'Land and sea- print: collage: stitch' 

14-15 July 'Print: compose: stitch' 

21-22 July 'Seascapes unfold' an exploration in colour and texturewith hand stitch

3-5 August 'Abstracted land'

10 September 'Abstract mark making: placement and arrangement of surfaces for mixed media

14-15 September 'Taking sketchbooks further:-exploring land and water, developing thoughts in a concertina book

25-26 September 'Abstract land and sea- print: compose: stitch' 

25 November Colours and textures of the shore; mixed media on canvas