Amanda Hislop

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I run day and two day workshops and longer summer schools designed to stretch creative imagination with an emphasis on intuitive exploration and pushing beyond boundaries. I work with a combination of stitch, painting and mixed media processes to create pieces in response to land, sea, sky and trees.

I am happy to deliver workshops to  Textile and Art groups, with due consideration given to distance to travel. The following examples give a flavour of the workshops I offer; use the contact page to discuss your requirements, I will consider workshops and talks on Zoom.

  • 'Print: compose: stitch' a 2 day workshop with print collage and hand stitch on a seascape theme...
  • 'Layers in land and seascapes’- a textile approach   explore methods of layering papers to form surfaces for stitch.
  • 'Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource'  a creative workshop working with a free approach to generating ideas through a working sketchbook.


Workshops 2023 follow the link for details and to make a booking


4-11 May 'Fragments of the landscape' - this is rescheduled to 19-26 September 2024

8-9 July 'Experimental surfaces for stitch with texture and colour' - see website for details

31 July- 2 August 2023 'Abstract Sea' print: fragment: arrangement: stitch 

5 August- 1 day course 'Developing simple folded sketchbooks as a resource to inspire' 

6 November 2023 'Sketchbooks on a winter theme' at White Horse bookshop Marlborough- tel 01672 512071 for booking details.

24 November 2023 'Layers in line, colour and texture with Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks- White Horse bookshop Marlborough- tel 01672 512071 for booking details.




Workshops 2024

12-13 April 2024 'Experimental surfaces for stitch' exploring colour harmony and contrast with acrylic paint on paper and cloth 

26-27 April 2024 'Stitch sketching- translating drawing to stitch' guest tutor at

19-26 September 'Fragments of the landscape' - this is rescheduled from May 2023