Amanda Hislop

profile: Awards


The Fletcher Prize is given annually to an Oxfordshire Craft Guild maker for a piece of work that is considered to be outstanding through innovation and good design, and where the material of the piece is used in an exciting way. The work is purchased by an appreciated, anonymous donor for the Oxfordshire Collection of Contemporary Craft.

Amanda was awarded the 2010 prize  for her work 'Waves wash ashore', the judges, Laura Worsfold (Oxford City Arts Officer) and Cherry Gray (Curator of the Oxfordshire Museum) commented that "using paint, fabric, paper and stitches it is intriguing how Amanda manages to capture the vast expanse and ever-moving swell of the sea in such a small spac, but also with ablend of such delicate stitching and paint. The colour and mood of the rugged coastline perfectly reflect the careful notes made at the scene where the work was inspired. Verging on the abstract, this work says so much more than a photograph and creates a vibrant sense of movement. It does indeed blur the boundaries between art and craft".